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Attracting and retaining talent are major challenges for companies. We support Human Resources departments (start-ups, mid-size companies, SBF 120 corporations, etc.) on any strategic or operational issues they may face.

Our Total Compensation & Talent Services

  • Total Compensation

    We support you in your strategic projects and key processes: compensation policy, executive compensation, classification, salary reviews, compulsory annual employee reviews, etc.

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  • Role Assessment: Clarity

    Diot-Siaci has developed a simple and innovative approach to assessing job roles and organizational ecosystems: Clarity. Our digital platform allows you to perform your job classification in a secure, effective, and collaborative way.

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  • C&B Policy Convergence

    We assist you in harmonizing your HR and C&B processes as you confront organizational change (mergers or other transitions). Our services apply to: classification, compensation and benefits policies, communications, etc.

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  • International Mobility

    Our experts are at your disposal to build your C&B policies internationally and design mobility packages to grow your organization.

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  • C&B Transition

    We recognize that Human Resources departments may not always possess the internal expertise required to effectively execute compensation and benefits projects. Our consultants are therefore available to provide your teams with the C&B operational support they need.

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  • Culture & Management

    The more employees embrace the values, management, and vision of their company, the more committed and productive they will be. We help you develop and foster a strong corporate culture based on loyalty, allowing you to attract talent and boost economic performance.

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  • Strategy Training

    Our team of dedicated experts is here to assist you in devising an overall training strategy that is tailored to both your company's needs and career path management. Additionally, we provide guidance on leveraging available public subsidies for professional development (CPF in France) to secure individual career paths.

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  • Talent Development

    We specialize in establishing Strategic Workforce Planning and implementing career path management systems for your organization. Our aim is to develop business frameworks that encourage mobility and actively engage your employees in enhancing their employability.

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Expert statement

The companies that are best equipped to navigate the challenges of transformation are those with a robust corporate culture and the ability to address employees’ search for purpose by emphasizing their core mission. In addition, the ongoing talent war in the job market is forcing companies to reevaluate their compensation packages. Work organization has become an integral part of employers’ HR offerings, with a specific focus on organizational flexibility and opportunities for remote work. HR departments face the challenge of meeting diverse demands from various stakeholders.

Chrystelle THIRION

Head of HR Consulting