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Assessing Employee Benefit Obligations

Manage employee benefits optimally

Assessment, Planning, and International Consolidation of Employee Benefit Obligations

Actuarial expertise is a vital component of our corporate retirement savings services. It plays a central role in monitoring employee-related liabilities, including annual assessments, provisioning, and conducting impact and optimization studies.

Our consulting actuaries possess the expertise to assess turnover, make future projections, and quantify the impact of external events on pension plans.

At Diot-Siaci, our established division of technical experts includes accomplished actuaries and actuarial strategists who are committed to supporting your projects. With each assignment, our actuaries offer quantitative insights that enhance the organizational and consulting services provided to our clients.

  • Actuarial Assessment

    Conduct retirement plan audits, actuarial assessments, and future projections; produce actuarial reports and accounting statements

  • International Consolidation

    Coordinate international projects, provide a shared consolidation tool, and benefit from Milliman’s network of actuaries

  • Financial Optimization

    Investment and provider mapping, strategic allocation assessment, and investment funds selection

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mapping and analyzing plans, revaluation of actuarial liabilities, assistance in rate negotiations, and optimization of post-deal obligations

Optimally Manage Your Employee-Related Liabilities in France and Abroad

The Diot-Siaci group and Milliman have signed a strategic partnership agreement to offer a common and comprehensive pension and benefits consulting service to international groups with operations in France.

Diot-Siaci is now Milliman’s exclusive partner in France on retirement advice and corporate employee benefits.

Milliman has become Diot-Siaci’s preferred international partner, giving access to a range of tools, local expertise, and publications, including monitoring and benchmark resources.

Online Data Monitoring Tools


Data Collection and Storage

We possess a centralized platform for collecting rights and demographic information, which facilitates standardized communication among subsidiaries. This platform streamlines exchange processes by providing a single interface for connecting, submitting, and monitoring subsidiary data. Moreover, this interface offers various access levels: corporate, division, and entity.

International Consolidation: Milliman Account™

Our interface enables you to collect, store, and consolidate your accounting statements on a global scale, providing multiple levels of access: consolidating actuary, local actuary, and client.

Various methods for reporting information are available, including direct input and file uploads. Calculation tests are automated, and the reporting formats can be customized to meet your specific needs.

It Security & Data Protection

actuariat passif

Our tools prioritize the security of your data, in compliance with European GDPR standards. They are transmitted through a secure Kiteworks interface, ensuring the protection of your information. We are committed to adhering to the professional and ethical guidelines set forth by the Institute of Actuaries, maintaining strict compliance. Additionally, we do not outsource any actuarial work outside of France.

Continuous Monitoring & Training


We closely monitor legislative, regulatory, and financial developments both domestically (France) and internationally. Our extensive range of technical studies covers various areas such as market analysis, plan asset performance, CAC 40 employee-related liabilities, demographic trends, and financial theories. We schedule webinars on a regular basis to discuss these topics in detail. Additionally, we provide support in training HR and Finance Departments on topics including normative frameworks, defined benefit plans, recognition of employee-related liabilities, and the fundamentals of financial management.