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Managing Retirement Savings Plans

Effective retirement plan management has emerged as a new challenge for companies, irrespective of their size. To foster employee buy-in and maximize the benefits of chosen solutions (different company pension savings plans available in France: PERE, PERCO, ART 83, CET, etc.), our team of experts provides guidance and assistance throughout the deployment, administration, and internal communication processes. Additionally, as the population ages, we collaborate closely with HR teams to gain insights into employee retirements and end-of-career transitions, aiming to optimize payroll while ensuring seamless business continuity.

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Preserving a company's human capital involves providing employees with enticing tax and workplace incentives to save. This is the main goal behind company retirement savings. Especially in the current climate, programs offered by companies provide enduring financial stability and instill trust in employees, who readily participate in them to reap numerous advantages. The progressive accumulation of savings, which will serve them during their retirement - a significant milestone in every employee's professional journey - has thus become a potent tool for companies.

  • Consulting in Pension Design and Savings Plans

    Diot-Siaci offers specialized knowledge in retirement savings and employee savings to assist you in implementing new programs arising from recent reforms, particularly the PACTE Act in France.
    Our team of experts is also available to ensure compliance of your existing schemes with regulations such as Article 39, Article 83, ESOP, and PERCO.

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  • Asset Management Advisory

    Diot-Siaci provides guidance in asset management, specifically by supporting you in financial management of funds. We offer services such as auditing financial management options, providing recommendations for necessary changes, coordinating financial reporting processes, and facilitating the coordination of supervisory boards and monitoring committees.

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  • Employee Shareholding

    The PACTE Act encourages the development of employee shareholding, giving employees a greater role in the sharing of profits and the governance of their company.
    Diot-Siaci puts its expertise at your service to design and promote your shareholding plan in order to involve your employees in the success of your company.

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  • Retirement Report

    Diot-Siaci and its teams support you in raising your employees' awareness about preparing for retirement. We offer a range of services tailored to meet your needs, including individual retirement reviews for both straightforward and complex career paths (such as expatriation or changes in employment status). Additionally, we provide training sessions on pension plans and offer individualized support for senior managers.

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  • Formalities and Drawing Retirement

    Diot-Siaci is committed to providing support in managing the retirement wind-up process for your employees. We assist in implementing a structured schedule of formalities, facilitating the proper constitution of retirement files, conducting audits, and ensuring the collection of all necessary supporting documents.

  • Managing Pension Plans

    Diot-Siaci offers comprehensive assistance in the administrative management of pension plans. Through delegated management, our experts assess the value of your company's benefits, provide support in submitting for pension annuities, facilitate the implementation of payment channels, and assist with reporting to third-party organizations.

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  • Evaluation & Management of Employee Benefit Obligations

    Diot-Siaci assists you in optimizing the management of your employee liabilities both in France and abroad. Our Actuarial Consulting services offer expertise in data analysis, forecasting, and illustrating the quantitative impacts of pension schemes. Through audits and evaluations, our experts provide valuable advice and training to support your projects.

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