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Audit of Workplace Stressors

We perform a comprehensive assessment of workplace stressors

Minimizing Workplace Stressors

Companies are changing in ways that may cause anxiety and create challenges. Sometimes, there can be warning signs of workplace stress, despite a company’s best efforts to care for its employees and support productivity, in a constructive and caring work environment where everyone can derive meaning from what they do and feel motivated to participate. We can help you prevent and reduce workplace stress, taking into account your specific situation and expectations in terms of improving QWL.

  • Support

    Personalized support and process management

  • Workplace Stressor Survey

    Allow employees to express themselves anonymously about their life at work and their feelings

  • Action Plan

    Identify workplace stressors and create an action plan

  • Individual and Group Interviews

    Work with employees to create operational measures to improve life at work

Objectives of a Workplace Stressor Audit

The aims of a workplace stressor audit are the following:

  • Mapping out potential workplace stressors using the Workplace Stressor Assessment Sheet
  • Identifying root causes based on a detailed analysis of work situations, changes, and the general context
  • Developing an action plan with employees to reduce and minimize workplace stress. The focus here is on prevention
  • Implementing an action plan using appropriate tools and indicators with a view to continuous improvement

Communicating and Making the Process Appealing to Employees


Neutrality, objectivity, transparency, and confidentiality are crucial to an effective workplace stressor audit. At critical junctures in the process, steering committees and collaborative work sessions should be arranged to ensure that employees understand and embrace outcomes. Good practices should be shared at every stage of the initiative. Sustainable organizations are built by involving all employees and listening carefully.