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Age Management

Define and implement forward-looking management of the age demographic

Tailored end-of-career arrangements

The ageing population creates significant imbalances in the age demographics of some companies. To encourage the hiring of young people, while allowing employees to leave at the end of their careers with a full pension, personalized adjustment measures may be considered without the need for voluntary departure or job protection plans. Our experts support you to assess and define your needs in terms of job retirement transitioning and regaining organizational visibility in the medium term.

  • Strategic thinking

    Develop forward-looking management measures to optimize your human capital in light of your age demographics and specific needs

  • Adjusted plans

    Analyze your age demographics and payroll; define and implement adjusted plans as your employees come to the end of their careers

  • Bespoke

    Offer tailor-made systems to anticipate employee retirement in ways that meet your organizational needs as well as those of your employees: retirement assessments, individual interviews

  • Individual support

    Offer employees individual support (reviews and interviews) to provide them with all the information they need to understand and prepare for retirement

Analyze and manage your age pyramid

Our Diot-Siaci consultants provide you with their expertise in strategic thinking on age measures. They calibrate measures that support your company’s age demographics, particularly, in France, in the context of legislation like the Management Plan for Jobs and Skills (GPEC), the Employment Protection Plan (PSE/PDV), and the Accord Génération.

We manage implemented measures, leveraging a secure online platform as an interface for seamless communication with employees while ensuring complete confidentiality in data processing. Our services encompass anonymous employer reporting and gauging how well your employees embrace these measures.

Specifically, we offer personalized support to older employees, aiming to promote the Retirement Transition Agreements implemented within your company. Our array of services includes tailored studies like the ‘retirement assessment,’ which enables employees to make well-informed decisions about their retirement in line with the agreement’s provisions. To foster productive conversations about retirement among employees, we have developed a strong educational component in our offer. Additionally, we provide dedicated tools such as a secure web space, hotline, appointment platform, and an online pension review feature. Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of the pension market and expertise in transition practices, enhancing the effectiveness of our services.

Experts on the transition to retirement

At Diot-Siaci, our consultants specializing in retirement transitions possess well-established expertise, representing the best of the market in analyzing age demographics and designing targeted age-related strategies. Collaborating closely with your organization, they tailor their approach to meet your specific requirements, taking into account your company’s culture and organizational structure. This ensures that the support they provide for retirements or early retirements is optimized, customized, and executed in a fully cooperative manner, all while upholding the highest standards of data confidentiality and security.