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Investment Advisory Services

Selecting and Monitoring the Financial and Extra-Financial Features of Your Funds

Help Managing Your Open-Ended and Special Investment Funds

Our team of experts audits, defines, negotiates, and implements financial solutions. We provide advice and support in asset management, including the management of your funds, auditing service providers, and making recommendations for improvements.

Additionally, in collaboration with EPARINTER, we are developing an optimized financial management package for member companies, which includes the provision of multiple special investment funds.

  • Consulting

    Audit funds with quantitative, qualitative, and extra-financial analysis; audit and negotiate management fees

  • Training

    Train trade unions and supervisory board directors, HR & Finance departments, and employees in asset management

  • Coordination

    Support companies by coordinating supervisory boards and monitoring commissions to ensure robust investment management

  • Monitoring

    Analysis of macroeconomic and financial market conditions, monitoring of indicators, analysis of economic risks, and forecasts of impacts on asset values

Training & PACTE (corporate reform bill in France)

In order to comply with the training requirement imposed by PACTE, we work with you to train the members of the Supervisory Board for your special investment or employee shareholding funds in financial management.

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