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Flexibility and adapting to situations

Perpetual and continuous change is the only constant in economic environments where competition, technology, and crises serve as drivers of change. Successful businesses build agility into their culture and operations so they can proactively adapt their strategies. We at Diot-Siaci put all the expertise of our consultants at your disposal to help you implement a strategy to strengthen your employer brand, support transitions to retirement, or define and optimize your compensation and career development policies.

Strengthen your employer brand & company culture

Whether organizational or cultural, contemporary businesses are exposed to various transformative forces that originate both internally and externally. In such an environment, maintaining a clear sense of direction can be challenging. A strong corporate identity that employees understand and embrace is one of the most reliable assurances of consistency in a changing environment. Diot-Siaci’s fields of expertise include human resources and organizational consulting for business leaders and HR managers wishing to promote a unifying corporate culture for their employees.

Plan and support employees as they transition toward retirement

Nearly one million employees retire every year in France. Companies must inform and support their future retirees, but also sustain employee motivation until their final workday and ensure the seamless transfer of their expertise. This transition can be experienced as a major disruption for some employees. In light of this, Diot-Siaci advises HR managers and employee relations managers on preparing for retirement and proactively envisioning the culmination of their careers. Our consultants also offer and carry out individual pension assessments.

Define and optimize your compensation policy

Clear compensation policies that employees can understand and embrace help foster perceptions of equity. They also increase performance, motivation, productivity, and trust among your team. In some industries where competition for talent is tight, companies also need to find ways to stand out. Diot-Siaci experts help you determine and implement an attractive, fair, and consistent total compensation policy, whether locally or abroad.

Optimize your payroll

Payroll, which includes all charges related to human capital, represents a significant portion of a business’s expenses. Poor management of this aspect of a company can have a major impact on its viability. It is therefore crucial to find the perfect balance to promote growth, thanks to precise forecasting, management, and control over wage costs. Implementing a policy for managing changes to compensation schemes can also help motivate employees and reward them at their fair value. The teams at Diot-Siaci teams include former HR managers who are adept at providing a comprehensive suite of services, spanning from outplacement and personalized mobility management to job evaluation.

Workforce planning and career development

Current shifts in regulations and the employment landscape are profoundly changing the nature of work. Companies must anticipate these changes and motivate their workforce to remain flexible throughout their career journeys. To achieve this, the development of robust skills management initiatives and the facilitation of professional mobility are essential. Diot-Siaci advises HR managers, employee relations managers, and more generally all personnel involved in workforce planning and engagement within the company. The objective is to establish effective training and talent enhancement mechanisms to meet this challenge.

Organization of work

In a globalized world, the implementation of a mobility policy is an essential step in a company’s international growth. It should be carefully designed to ensure its appeal and to transform local employees into authentic company ambassadors overseas. The status chosen for international workers as well as the mobility process largely determine the success of an overseas mission. Leveraging our network of subsidiaries and partners abroad, Diot-Siaci experts support you in choosing and managing employee protection schemes for your mobile workforce.

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