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C&B Policy Convergence

Harmonize HR and C&B processes during major changes (mergers, acquisitions, reconciliations)

HR challenges and C&B priorities

In the context of organizational transformation, successfully integrating employee status and compensation and benefits policies is crucial. The experts at Diot-Siaci are here to help. Our consultants bring a wealth of experience as C&B managers in multinational companies, both in France and abroad. Their practical and operational approach to harmonization, developed across diverse contexts, gives them a significant advantage in comprehending your HR and business challenges.

  • Total compensation

    We support you in your strategic projects and key processes: compensation policy analysis and harmonization, classification, variable policies, C&B process, etc.

  • Role assessment : Clarity

    Diot-Siaci has developed a simple and innovative approach to assessing job roles and organizational ecosystems : Clarity. Utilize our digital platform to help you conduct job classifications and showcase your organization effectively.

  • Employee benefits

    Audit, map, and harmonize employee benefits, including retirement benefits and policies.

Harmonizing systems in changing organizations

At Diot-Siaci, our consultants can provide the complementary expertise you need to succeed in your projects and support your teams, particularly in the context of organizational changes.

C&B convergence offers based on :

  • Supporting strategic thinking prior to convergence
  • Diagnosis and analysis of differences in corporate bylaws via an exhaustive map
  • Analysis and optimization of convergence costs
  • Support during negotiations to create a new Articles of Association

Our C&B harmonization training programs

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We have built training programs that are specially designed to address C&B Transformation and support the growth of your HR team’s skills.

Two training programs :

  • C&B Transformation: M&A Management
  • C&B Transformation: Harmonizing and Converging Projects