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Institutional relations

Create a relationship of trust with your company’s stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement

In this age of information overload, we believe in fostering healthier and more impactful communication. Our goal is to enhance both internal and external comprehension of your projects. To achieve this, our consultants at Diot-Siaci focus on building relationships of trust between the different stakeholders of your HR initiatives. We are committed to securing the support and commitment of all stakeholders so that they can understand your initiatives and promote them within your organization.

  • Strategic relationships

    Identify all the stakeholders in your ecosystem, whether locally or internationally, and build long-term relationships

  • Public-sector support

    Present and promote your initiatives to elected officials and policy makers at local and international levels depending on the size of your company

  • General awareness

    Manage the image of your company and promote your strengths to the general public and internally, in order to convey your values

Engage your project stakeholders

Recognizing the evolving significance and impact that a company holds with its diverse audiences, our experts at Diot-Siaci recommend presenting and communicating your mission, values, and identity with clarity. We offer our expertise to help you foster strong relationships with all stakeholders within your ecosystem. Drawing upon extensive experience across various industries and company sizes, our seasoned consultants excel at devising potent communication strategies tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is managing your public image, enhancing internal employee engagement, or engaging with social partners, we have the know-how to effectively showcase your assets and convey your message to the wider public.

The expertise of our consultants

Our team of consultants at Diot-Siaci comprises diverse backgrounds, including former ministers, economists, business executives, HR, C&B specialists in both local (France) and international settings. This varied expertise enables us to tailor our approach to suit your specific targets. They bring their wealth of experience to enhance your communication efforts and drive the success of your organization’s projects. Additionally, our business experts in areas such as health, personal protection, and pensions complement our team, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you face. Our goal is to provide full support to all your stakeholders.