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Evolving Skills

Establish a forward-looking vision of skills within your organization

Key skills and HR challenges

Training and skills development are at the heart of your HR concerns. Your organization faces strategic challenges due to technological and market changes, scarcity of external skills, legal and financial constraints, and evolving employee expectations. Moreover, recent reforms in vocational training add to the complexity. To address these challenges effectively, our Diot-Siaci experts are here to provide support in crafting a training and skills development strategy that aligns with your organization’s needs and unique structure.

  • Overall strategy

    Advice on a professional development strategy and support for employee dialogue as you build a Management Plan for Jobs and Skills and incorporate new training tools

  • Effective training

    Perform audits of training within your organization, legal constraints, and professional development plans; advice on training your teams

  • Career path

    Advice on communicating with employees so government aid for professional development secures employee careers in a way that is productive for employees and your organization

  • Local rots

    Support training initiatives that foster social inclusion and help set up partnerships with local actors

Implement your training strategy

Given the rapid pace of organizational and business transformations, the ongoing struggle to attract and retain highly skilled talent, and the scarcity of specific competencies, nurturing employee development has become a major challenge for every organization. At Diot-Siaci, our team of experts collaborates closely with you to unlock the full potential of every individual across their career journey, ensuring a harmonious balance between employability and the evolving demands of your organization.

Adapting to the challenges of your organization

The support provided by our experts at Diot-Siaci entails the development of comprehensive training strategies tailored to the unique needs of your organization. In addition, we offer recommendations that consider the specific business context and the prevailing economic landscape. We establish a strong connection between the skills within local communities and organizations in order to address recruitment challenges effectively. This involves initiatives such as the establishment of vocational training centers, forging partnerships with key workforce actors, and more.