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Our expertise in crafting an employee strategy that aligns with your needs.

Strive for best performance

The economic development of a company isn’t solely reliant on sound business practices. It relies on different factors, including an employee strategy, which has gained renewed significance, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company’s objective is to establish a cohesive roadmap founded on participatory governance to address its skill requirements and create conducive conditions for its employees’ success. We are committed to facilitating organizational transformation, fostering employee dialogue, and conducting skills mapping with a focus on outcomes and return on investment.

Supporting employees through organizational change

In the face of a competitive business landscape, companies sometimes need to realign and prepare for structural shifts. In doing so, they must consider the repercussions of their restructuring on human resources, technology, and workforce dynamics. Engaging all employees in the redeployment process is essential for achieving the desired change and development goals. Thanks to our extensive experience in consulting within this field, we at Diot-Siaci can assist you in formulating a strategy to facilitate this change. Our experts are involved throughout the entire process, from workforce engineering to revitalization and reindustrialization.

Fostering and enhancing workforce dialogue

Workforce dialogue is essential for shaping the rules of work organization, harmonizing employee needs with the company’s economic aspirations, and ensuring compliance with legal frameworks. Effectively supporting transformations through consultation is a key success factor, as it contributes to bolstering employee relationships. Diot-Siaci assists you in streamlining the implementation of optimal workforce dialogue mechanisms while enhancing your institutional relationships. We collaborate with industry representatives, employee partners, and local authorities.

Conduct pre-deal and post-deal human due diligence

Whether it’s through external growth such as mergers, acquisitions, or equity investments, or when investors come on board, a company’s journey often includes transformations that demand meticulous management of financial and workforce-related risks. In such instances, it becomes crucial to conduct an audit pertaining to labor and employment laws both before and after these transactions. Diot-Siaci offers well-regarded expertise in performing legal due diligence, as well as in negotiating and executing agreements.

Map and develop your organization's skills

Confronted with rapid changes in professions, companies must adopt a systematic approach to skills development. Mapping these skills provides a comprehensive view of expertise, enabling the evaluation of their proficiency levels and the identification of potential gaps. It also enriches the management of job forecasting and qualifications. This is an essential phase for implementing training policies and strategies that align with the current and future needs of the company. To achieve this, Diot-Siaci offers a blend of expertise, along with a tailor-made approach that’s customized to your objectives and organizational culture.

Create worldwide standards for your company

The Compensation and Benefits (C&B) function within human resources teams plays an increasingly vital role in talent acquisition and retention. Many HR departments may lack this expertise internally, despite the growing demand for professionals in this field. Diot-Siaci’s consultants bring expertise in harmonizing C&B policies and globally managing employee benefits, drawing from our extensive background across all our businesses. Depending on your requirements, they can work on-site, integrate into your HR department, or provide remote support.

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