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Employee Benefits Internationally

Implement employee protection programs for your local workforce in the countries where you operate

International Employee Protection Strategy

Diot-Siaci offers the expertise of dedicated consultants for the analysis and negotiation of global employee protection programs tailored to your workforce. Our specialized team possesses deep knowledge of insurance regulations, plans, and practices across numerous countries, and we leverage a network of local specialists.

Located in Paris, our team serves as your centralized point of access for international employee protection initiatives. Through our extensive network of experts within the Diot-Siaci Global Partners network, we have the capability to operate in 170 countries worldwide.

  • Audit

    Audit your employee protection programs, digital solutions for autonomous management

  • Financial Optimization

    Optimize your programs: local savings, audit of the suitability of existing pools, global reinsurance options

  • Evaluation

    Assess the compliance of your employee protection systems, establish benchmarks, keep abreast of market practices

  • CSR Strategy

    Enhance your employer brand, establish a baseline coverage standard, and evaluate affiliate coverage against industry norms

Optimize Your Programs Within Your Subsidiary Operations

We provide assistance to globally operating companies that employ local staff and seek to implement a comprehensive employee protection strategy, pilot and gain insights into local coverage, or optimize their existing contracts. Our specialized team is well-versed in insurance regulations, plans, and practices across numerous countries and collaborates with a network of local experts. We compile a comprehensive list of additional coverage for local employees, enabling you to:

  • Gain visibility on additional coverage in all host countries,
  • Establish a strategic approach to benefits through the implementation of Global Benefits Management,
  • Enhance financial optimization for policies by utilizing reinsurance or global insurance schemes that create economies of scale,
  • Implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy by instituting a minimum standard of coverage for all your global employees.

My Ben&Fits Online Tool

Outil protection sociale à l'étranger

Data collection to assess your current situation and the analysis of your existing supplementary programs (health, pensions, and retirement) are provided through our online tool “My Ben&Fits©.”  This tool enables you to obtain a comprehensive overview of the employee benefits your company offers in each of its locations worldwide. My Ben&Fits is a user-friendly, customizable online platform with an intuitive dashboard.

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