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Communicating C&B

Promote your total compensation policy and foster employee commitment

Employee commitment and retention

The Individual Employee Report is tailored, informative, and transparent, serving as a potent tool for effectively showcasing your total compensation strategy. Serving as a catalyst for commitment, it aids in employee retention and concurrently strengthens your employer brand. As a leader and pioneer in the individual benefits sector both in France and internationally, Diot-Siaci puts its expertise at your disposal.

A Wide Choice of Media

  • Printed Report: for traditional and effective communication, ideal when communicating about a package for the first time
  • Static or interactive PDF: for a first step toward digital or to centralize information in your digital safe
  • online report that is 100% mobile and secure: a multi-media solution available on desktops, tablets, smartphones and featuring a PDF summary that can be printed in high definition. This solution lets you target people on and offline.

Premium or Easy Solutions

  • Our range of services adapts to all types of companies (small- and mid-sized companies, large accounts) both in France and internationally.

Targeted Solutions

  • Six-year review: to enhance your career development policy and meet legal obligations
  • Individual Workforce Promise: to enhance your C&B package starting with the hiring phase so you can better attract talent
  • Special reports for specific workers: internationally mobile employees (expatriates), senior executives, etc.
  • Paper report

    Carry out a traditional Individual Employee Report for everyone on payroll

  • Digital report

    Offer a digital version of the Individual Employee Report that can be tailored to your organization

  • Career development report

    Generate an appealing presentation to explain a six-year career development plan to your employees

  • Expatriate Report

    A new report dedicated to internationally mobile employees

Promote engagement and retention

The Individual Employee Report is a major asset for maintaining a positive environment for employees within a company. It allows you to create a personalized moment for your workforce, enhance your employer brand, maintain employee commitment, and innovate on your HR communication initiatives. Our experts at Diot-Siaci provide support on building an individual employee report process that promotes your company’s employee compensation and benefits. The Individual Employee Report is a personalized tool to inform employees on all aspects of their total compensation.

Leader and pioneer of individual employee reports in France and abroad

Our Diot-Siaci team is a leader in the design of Individual Employee Reports in France and abroad.

Our experts tailor solutions to your business and provide consulting and technical support to build a template report. Our multidisciplinary team is attentive to your needs and the specificities of your organization.

To ensure agility and close support, our team comprises an in-house graphic studio, web developers, web designers, actuaries, and human capital specialists. The creation of your Individual Employee Report adheres to an approved methodology, ensuring project oversight and security throughout all design phases. Your data is managed through our internal platform, employing a process that adheres to the most stringent security and confidentiality standards.