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Healthcare Diagnostics

Evaluate your healthcare and personal risk plans

Evaluate Your Healthcare and Personal Risk Plans

Our experts at Diot-Siaci provide a comprehensive white label solution that enables you to assess the effectiveness of your supplementary health and welfare insurance plans through an analysis of employee satisfaction. This turnkey solution offers a complete diagnostic evaluation, tailored to your organization, to gain insights into the level of employee satisfaction with these insurance benefits.

This solution lets you:

  • Gather data under your brand name on employee perceptions
  • Involve your employees in improving systems
  • Make decisions that align with your needs
  • Make comparisons with our portfolio and your business sector (Benchmark)
  • Improve QWL and engagement within your company

A 3-Step Solution:

  • Step 1

    Defining the scope to be surveyed and helping you choose the most suitable channel for deploying the diagnostic process

  • Step 2

    White label, automated survey of your employees

  • Step 3

    Personalized Human Resources (HR) and/or Organizational Support (OS) feedback within 15 days after the completion of the diagnostic process