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Social transformations

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Preserving your company's human capital

To cope with the constant changes in the economy and the world of work, our experts propose a global approach adaptable to the context and sector in which your company operates. We are targeting the priority levers of the commitment of all your employees to identify what is sustainable and what needs to evolve. Our human resources driven approach is closely linked to your company’s overall strategy to make social performance support your economic growth.

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Economic performance cannot be achieved without social performance. Quality of life at work is a subject that must not be neglected, especially in a changing environment. The crisis has accentuated two realities: Sectors in tension that do not find the profiles they are looking for, and 80% of French people tempted by professional retraining. A system that companies can seize, and on which we provide our support, ‘Collective Transitions.’ Our aim is to prevent possible social plans by allowing employees whose jobs are disappearing to convert to another job and to another company. 

Myriam EL Khomri

Director of the Board

The agility of a company is measured by its ability to adapt quickly to any new situation, whether cyclical or structural. As part of a workforce adjustment plan, the main concern must be to maintain the social balance, with a transformation understood and approved by all decision making parties, Employee Representative Bodies and Management. The transformation must make it possible to maintain the competitiveness of the company – the economic safeguard of the latter underpins the reorganizationwhile preserving the social balance and the well being of the employees. 

Nicolas ghetti

Director of Economic and Social Change

Corporate developments & human capital

  • Social engineering

    Our specialists, former HR and social engineering experts, have developed a strategic approach to guide you throughout your social transformation while preserving your economic challenges and human capital.

    They are at your side from the analysis and diagnosis phase to the operational implementation of your transformation.

  • Outplacement & mobility

    To help your employees realise their professional projects, our consultants support them for their professional mobility. Through orientation courses, our objective is to establish pathways for retraining or placing employees by facilitating the transition. They provide replacement assistance as well as assistance in administrative procedures.

  • Accompanying age masts

    Diot Siaci helps companies assess the age pyramid within their organisation and thus anticipate career ends. The aim is to contribute to the proper preparation of retirement and to ensure continuity in missions and know how.

  • Institutional relations

    Diot Siaci supports you in fostering institutional relations, in particular by facilitating the implementation of the best social dialogue mechanisms. We intervene with representatives of the branches, social partners and local authorities.

  • Revitalisation & reindustrialisation

    Diot Siaci helps you develop your strategy to support your organisational changes. Our experts are present from end to end, from social engineering to revitalisation and re industrialisation with the aim of preserving your human capital.

  • Skills development

    Our experts assess key competencies for your business to establish tailor made professional skills development programs.

    As part of the corporate reorganisation, our consultants assist you in the development of a Forward looking Employment and Skills Management (GPEC).

  • Evaluation of posts

    We have developed a criteria methodology for evaluating positions and analysing organisations: Clarity. By providing you with a complete and clear view of your organization, it allows you to assess the level and nature of responsibilities, to build or review your internal classification, identify management circles or secure your reorganisation projects.

  • Convergence of C & B policies

    The convergence of C & B policies is a key issue for companies wishing to make their HR strategies consistent.

    Benefit from the services of our expert consultants whose field experience is a real advantage in the fine understanding of HR and business issues and their implementation into C & B priorities.