Our solutions

Assessing Absenteeism

We identify factors that contribute to employee absenteeism and find solutions to improve well-being in the workplace

Measuring and Monitoring Absenteeism

We carry out an in-depth review within your organization so we can find the underlying cause of employee absenteeism. Using your employee and absenteeism data, we identify areas where preventive action is required, analyze the upstream reasons for employee absences, and detect subtle indicators to mitigate risks and proactively anticipate extended periods of employee absence. We provide you with support to define targeted action plans and optimize preventive measures. This data-driven approach allows us to make recommendations based on a verified and approved set of criteria.

  • Mapping absenteeism

    Identify priority areas requiring preventive action

  • Understanding upstream reasons for employee absences

    Leverage Artificial Intelligence-generated models for enhanced insight into absenteeism patterns

  • Investing in prevention

    Optimize preventive measures and monitor indicators

  • Supporting and advising

    Promote stakeholder engagement through tailored support for workplace dialogue

Risk of Absenteeism and Employee Benefits

We help you identify and analyze employee well-being and engagement:

  • Map absenteeism within your organization and understand the root causes of employee absences (planning, scheduling, management, etc.). We help you identify the nature and extent of absenteeism within your organization. Our diagnosis aims to better understand the underlying issues, and our teams support you in building targeted measures.
  • Encourage involvement from everyone within the organization (management, unions, and employees) to unite around common goals of economic and corporate performance.

DATA at the Heart of our Expertise

Our LabDigital Data Scientists monitor and assess data quality so we can offer you first-class results.

Our innovative solutions make the most of your data: Our ambition is to exploit the full potential offered by new technologies derived from artificial intelligence and combine it with the very operational vision of our QWL experts.