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Engage All Your Employees

Companies operate in an increasingly complex and constantly evolving environment that requires new organizational practices and a  commitment to fostering employee engagement at all levels. Employee engagement can be strengthened by giving workers more autonomy, accountability, and ways to participate. Diot-Siaci can help you implement initiatives that promote employee engagement.

Customized Solutions for Quality of Life at Work and Employee Engagement

  • Implement targeted actions based on relevant indicators

    Diot-Siaci has noticed an increase in employee absenteeism over the past several years. Our aim is therefore to support clients who want to target the problem of absenteeism in their organizations. Our solutions couple DATA analysis with consulting services. We look beyond the issue of absenteeism to take a more comprehensive and systemic view of workplace well-being. Our methodology is based on a full diagnosis and personalized support. Our teams of DATA specialists and consultants provide advice that is based on absenteeism surveys and workplace well-being barometers within your organization.

    Workplace Well-Being Barometer
  • Minimizing workplace stressors

    Minimizing workplace stressors within your organization involves identifying subtle indicators and difficulties faced by employees. Diot-Siaci helps you design and implement an audit of workplace stressors. We involve people from all parts of the organization (management, the Employee Representative Committee, employees, occupational medicine) to create a targeted action plan based on a shared diagnosis.

    Audit of Workplace Stressors
  • Promoting QWL

    Promoting employee well-being, supporting their health, and anticipating risk factors for absenteeism are major challenges for organizations. Our innovative solutions help companies prevent absenteeism and promote QWL. Our services meet the specific needs of employees and foster work-life balance. Employees can access our solutions via an app that can accommodate all or some of your company’s existing services. The app is a one-stop shop where employees can find all the services available to them (QWL, well-being, parenthood, reducing workplace stressors, etc.).

    MyPrevention app
  • Creating a listening culture

    The workplace well-being barometer is a tool that measures the internal climate of your organization and employee expectations, with the aim of boosting employee well-being and economic performance. It helps make your teams more effective by identifying areas for QWL improvement and rolling out targeted action plans.

    Absenteeism study