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We offer insights into HR communication best practices to advance your company’s HR policies, both in France and internationally. The aim is to imbue purpose, facilitate collective engagement, involve management, guide transformations, and ultimately foster commitment and loyalty. These practices encompass all aspects of your company’s human capital, including health and wellness, retirement planning, employee shareholding, pension benefits, talent development, total compensation, professional training, workforce strategy, organizational culture, management and prevention, engagement, and quality of work life (QWL).

  • HR Communications

    Whether the aim is to convey practical information to employees or to elevate the employer brand as a means of instilling purpose and aligning with your company's collective vision, our consultants stand ready to collaborate with you in crafting content and communication channels aligned with your HR strategy. They provide guidance on editorial strategy and media creation, leveraging the capabilities of our in-house graphic studio.

  • Communicating C&B

    For nurturing transparent communication between employees and the company, the Individual Employee Report serves as the optimal tool.

    We assist you in crafting this personalized communication medium, which outlines an employee's compensation and benefits, including employee savings, profit-sharing, and participation received throughout the year.

Who we are in numbers

  • 25 years of experience in employee reports

  • 1 million employee reports created per year

  • 88 % employee satisfaction

  • 93 % report renewal rate