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HR Communications

Enhance your company’s HR strategy to foster loyalty

Promote your HR policy & your employer image

Our consultants support large companies in the design and implementation of their HR communications, in order to enhance HR policies, elevate the employer image, and support situations of change. We offer guidance and develop various forms of media on a wide range of topics, including job desirability, compensation and benefits, employee savings and retirement plans, career progression and internal mobility, onboarding, training, performance management, diversity, quality of work life (QWL), and company agreements.

Our support spans the entire content creation process, encompassing content organization, editorial consulting, text composition, graphic design, layout, project oversight, production supervision, and placement within digital tools, among other services. Our aim is to create content-rich, engaging, and innovative media in collaboration with you.

  • Editorial advice

    Provide your organization with consultants who are experts in corporate communications and aware of HR challenges

  • Graphic design

    Benefit from an integrated Diot-Siaci graphic studio in connection with our consultants, dedicated to the design of your projects

  • Engaging content

    Websites, interactive PDFs, brochures, video animations, communication kits, personalized marketing, etc.

From consulting to creating engaging content

Our communicators are seasoned consultants in corporate communication,  providing valuable guidance for your HR communication strategy. We view communication as a key factor in the successful implementation of human resources policies. The goal is to effectively facilitate the rollout of your HR communication, aiming to:

  • Raise awareness among your employees and empower them to take an active role in their career progression
  • Put the most technical subjects within everyone’s reach
  • Support change and foster a climate of transparency
  • Involve management and the HR business line
  • Enhance the employer brand and the image of the HRD

Meeting Your Challenges

We provide assistance in internal communication consulting, HR strategy, and the creation of various media and communication initiatives, covering a wide range of topics:

  • Shifts in HR policies (status, compensation, tools, etc.)
  • Compensation and benefits
  • International mobility
  • Internal mobility and skills development
  • Annual evaluation and performance management
  • Company agreements: diversity, disability, gender equality, etc.
  • Health, safety, and quality of life at work
  • Job mapping & skills management and workforce planning
  • Employer brand