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Foster engagement from all of your employees

Companies are operating in an increasingly complex landscape that demands novel organizational approaches. This transformation necessitates a strong commitment from employees across all levels. This can be facilitated by promoting autonomy and accountability, participatory practices, and financial incentives. Diot-Siaci is here to assist you in the development of employee engagement strategies, the establishment of mutually agreeable compensation policies, as well as in supporting your employees in their retirement planning.

Establish an internal engagement strategy

déployer une politique efficace d’engagement

Employees who feel good about their companies are motivated. For managers, creating a tranquil and motivating work environment is not only an ethical but also a strategic necessity, as well-being and economic performance are closely intertwined. The objective is to furnish employees with services that cater to their requirements and ensure a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives. Leveraging our acknowledged expertise, Diot-Siaci offers guidance on implementing an impactful employee engagement and workplace quality of life strategy. Furthermore, we provide a tool for proactively managing absenteeism risks.

Creating buy-in around your compensation policy

Accurately interpreting employee salary expectations is an important step toward creating buy-in around your salary decisions. Salary, among other factors, serves a symbolic and material purpose within a company and is often assessed subjectively. Consequently, Corporate Human Resources departments must emphasize the fairness, equity, and transparency of their approach to salary, especially when posting job openings or during salary negotiations. Diot-Siaci provides guidance on the best practices for communicating compensation policies.

politique de rémunération SIACI SAINT HONORE

Helping your employees prepare and plan for retirement

Workers prepare for retirement throughout their careers, but the transition itself is a pivotal moment for both the company and the employee. Activities such as career planning, retirement simulations, and pension calculations can become complex for an inexperienced employee. Making decisions about when to retire, estimating future income, and understanding the necessary procedures can be challenging. To simplify this transition from employment to retirement, Diot-Siaci assists employees and businesses by offering pension reports, streamlining procedures, and managing pension-related administrative tasks.

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