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Health & Personal Protection

Simplified steps for ensuring your employees benefit from optimal health and personal protection plans

Support for Health and Personal Protection Plans

Our experts at Diot-Siaci can help simplify and digitize health and personal protection coverage for your Human Resources teams and employees. We provide you with an effective interface to manage risks of all kinds, including work incapacity, disability, and death. VIVINTER, a Diot-Siaci Group brand, is responsible for additional reimbursement for healthcare and personal risk expenses on behalf of medium and large companies offering additional coverage to their employees.

  • Effective Protection

    One of our main challenges is to guarantee optimal coverage for your company’s employees

  • Support

    Simplify procedures for your Human Resources teams and employees through daily support

  • Digitization

    Offer beneficiaries a better experience and faster processing times through simplified and digitized steps

  • Secure Data

    Guarantee IT security and data protection (GDPR standard): Integrity and security of our information system and data processing

Assistance With Your Health and Personal Risk Plans

Our consultants at Diot-Siaci help companies manage their personal risk and healthcare policies. As part of their mission, they work with you to:

  • Simplify and digitize procedures for your teams
  • Reduce the workload for Human Resources teams
  • Optimize and customize plan management
  • Manage affiliate exemptions
  • Secure and protect data (compliance with GDPR)
  • Put our dedicated experts in touch with your HR teams: The Business Relations Center
  • Digitize and simplify processes for seamless support
  • Prevent risks and help employees return to work if needed

Manage risks of all kinds: incapacity, disability, and death on behalf of risk carriers

Helpful Service Center

VIVINTER, our service center, is at the disposal of your Human Resources (HR) teams and your employees to manage risks of all kinds. This includes work incapacity, disability, and death. We also manage requests related to the life of the health insurance policy: evaluation of support through quotes, questions on guarantees, and support on different care options, etc.

VIVINTER is able to manage large volumes of contracts while ensuring quality management so we can meet the demands of large and small companies alike.

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A Digital third-party health insurance card

VIVINTER policyholders can benefit from our 100% digital third-party health insurance card. Policyholders can use the app associated with the card to view, upload, and send it to healthcare professionals and/or beneficiaries.
The advantages of this system include:

  • Optimized experience and healthcare journey through simplified procedures.
  • If there are updates, an updated card will be available in a brief period of time.
  • The card can be presented directly on a phone or sent by email to healthcare professionals and/or beneficiaries.
  • It can be accessed offline 24/7 for use at any time.
  • Less likely to be forgotten or lost!