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Revitalization & Reindustrialization

Supporting areas and industries affected by economic change

Change & social equilibrium

The objectives of our Diot-Siaci teams are to invigorate the vitality of a region, revitalize the job market, and promote business growth, in order to meet employment challenges. Our consultants actively collaborate with companies and local authorities to become a driving force for forward-thinking initiatives and constructive proposals. We provide comprehensive support throughout all stages of your projects, starting from crafting location-specific strategies for companies to conducting diagnostics and impact studies.

  • Reindustrialization

    Redeploy industrial sites, define diversification strategies, and manage reindustrialization funds

  • Revitalization

    Support in defining appropriate strategies, including diagnostic and impact assessment phases

  • Secure employment

    Upstream studies of the employment pool, safeguarding jobs, and supporting career transitions

  • Regional engineering

    Understanding local issues through a strong presence and knowledge of the national and local institutional fabric

Building tomorrow's jobs together

Diot-Siaci’s global expertise is a guarantee of success for regional economic development and employment growth, in terms of reindustrialization, industrial site redeployment, diversification strategies, and revitalization initiatives, benefiting all stakeholders involved. Our consultants put their knowledge and skills to assist groups obligated to revitalize under France’s Employment Protection Plans (PSE) and also extend their support to companies undertaking expansion and establishment projects in new areas. As part of our services in this area, we:

Analyze and measure the impact of Employment Protection Plans on local areas:

  • Design of revitalization plans
  • Economic and social diagnosis of an employment pool
  • Impact assessment
  • Workforce employability study
  • Feasibility study on the revitalization of an employment sector
  • Definition of a revitalization plan tailored to a specific area and negotiation of an agreement with public authorities

Detailed and Expert Knowledge

Our team has devised a strategic approach aimed at enhancing the HR department’s impact on the company’s overall performance. Through our involvement in revitalization and reindustrialization projects, we are fostering a participatory approach that welcomes input from all stakeholders in economic development, including companies, managers, employees, professional bodies, as well as governmental and local authorities. Our extensive presence and deep understanding of the national and local institutional landscape, combined with continuous sectoral monitoring, enable us to provide you with valuable insights and guidance.