Administrative Management of Pension Plans

Manage pension and early retirement contributions and benefits

Manage Pension and Early Retirement Contributions and Benefits

Diot-Siaci has a long-standing reputation in delegated investment management. Our dedicated teams are able to manage your volume while ensuring quality and efficiency.

Our support aims to:

  • Enhance corporate benefits,
  • Provide guidance during the payment process,
  • Set up payment and reporting channels to third-party organizations,
  • Provide a dedicated hotline for beneficiary support,
  • Advise and closely monitor operations for the client company,
  • Ensure the payment of supplementary or early retirement benefits.


  • Administrative management

    Benefit from an organized and appropriately sized team for long-term management using simplified administrative and financial processes.

  • Payment of annuities

    Set up payment and reporting channels to third parties to ensure a smooth disbursement of benefits to beneficiaries.

  • Secure data

    Maintain a high level of security and ensure business continuity while adhering to regulations for the protection and processing of personal data.

  • Regulatory watch

    Anticipating and incorporating legal, regulatory, and contractual changes, and informing the employer and beneficiaries about them

Established Expertise in Delegated Investment Management

Our management department ensures that companies fulfill their obligations toward former employees during retirement or early retirement. We serve as a key partner in administrative management, providing expertise and oversight in supplementary pension plans, employee and tax implications, as well as your financial responsibilities.

Diot-Siaci is committed to providing:

  • A guarantee of services in accordance with customs and regulations (regular audits of companies or insurers that have delegated administrative management to us),
  • Continuity of relationships and the preservation of the corporate culture in which former employees have spent a part of their careers (knowledge of the company’s environment, retention of historical information, and maintaining a connection with the company).

A privileged connection with beneficiaries and their heirs

Our specialized team handles beneficiary relationships through dedicated pension management services. This includes a specialized telephone hotline that promptly addresses any inquiries or concerns related to specific expertise or situations.

Our customer relationship monitoring tools provide visibility into request qualifications and manage processing timelines.

Additionally, Diot-Siaci’s teams have developed a secure web portal exclusively for pensioners, streamlining their administrative procedures.

By combining our expertise with this personalized connection, we successfully manage over 60,000 annuities for beneficiaries every year.