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Diot-Siaci Assistance

Supporting your employees in the face of life’s uncertainties

Support for Employees and Their Families

Diot-Siaci Assistance (Vivinter Assistance) offers a comprehensive array of support services aimed at helping employees and their families, including spouses, children, and dependents, on a day-to-day basis during challenging situations such as medical emergencies or periods of stress. These services are provided through pre-funded resources and network support. Our assistance program ensures that your employees and their families receive continuous support in unexpected circumstances like hospitalization, immobilization, maternity, pregnancy, childbirth, or cancer, by offering a wide range of services. Additionally, we offer assistance upon request from insured individuals. To facilitate this support, we provide a dedicated helpline available 24/7 for your employees and their loved ones.

  • Services in the event of unforeseen events

    Home help, delivery of meals and medications, childcare, driving children to school/extra-curricular activities, pet care, etc.

  • Upon request

    Psychological support, remote consultations, legal guidance, social assistance, 2nd medical opinions, personal and professional life coaching, etc.

Diot-Siaci Assistance lets you:

Support and protect your employees and their families in difficult times.

Plan ahead so you can retain your employees in their jobs or help them manage their return to work.

Retain employees and strengthen their engagement by improving their well-being at work.

Promote your employer brand and increase the attractiveness of your business.


Discover what Diot-Siaci Assistance (Vivinter Assistance) can offer employees and their families. Vivinter Assistance includes a range of support tools and services to help employees and their families (spouses, children, dependents), on a daily basis, during medical or stressful events, through pre-funded and network services.