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Formalities and Drawing Retirement

Support your employees through bureaucratic formalities

Assistance With all Retirement Plans

By partnering with Diot-Siaci, you can ensure that your employees will receive valuable assistance in the preparation of their administrative records and the processing of their pension benefits. With our unwavering support, all necessary procedures will be carried out accurately and efficiently.

We aim to alleviate employee concerns and guarantee timely payment of their pensions.

  • Compiling Records

    Compiling and reviewing records to make sure files are complete

  • Career Review

    Reviewing and consolidating pension sources for all of your employees, regardless of their individual career paths

  • Filing Applications

    Help employees file their requests with the relevant pension funds

  • Monitoring and Oversight

    Managing communication with banks and sending reminders to make sure files are processed, and monitoring their progress

Drawing Retirement With Complete Peace of Mind

Our approach is designed to provide a seamless solution that brings peace of mind to your employees regarding the management of their file processing and the determination of their rights. Our specialized teams of retirement experts offer personalized services and can take over the entire process of retirement claims on behalf of your employees.

From filing and organizing documents to monitoring progress and keeping beneficiaries updated, our experts ensure a smooth journey until the annuity is paid.

Our primary objective is to alleviate employees from administrative burdens and navigate complex interactions with administrations and pension funds.

Confidentiality at the Heart of the Process

As part of our assistance, our goal is to offer practical and unbiased information regarding retirement situations. We prioritize building a relationship of trust and ensuring complete confidentiality of the data entrusted to us. Our dedicated teams handle necessary procedures on behalf of your employees, providing direct monitoring throughout the process. Data is processed securely and is only shared with organizations when necessary.

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