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International Retirement Plan (IRP)

Design retirement schemes for your mobile employees

Retirement for Mobile Employees

International employee pension schemes pose several challenges for businesses. They need to optimize costs while providing clarity to employees amid uncertainty surrounding pension systems in specific countries. To effectively prepare for the retirement of your international employees, it is crucial to develop tailored HR systems and tools that align with employee expectations. Our Diot-Siaci consultants offer expert guidance and a comprehensive perspective on the solutions to be implemented for all your mobile employees.

  • Analysis

    Compare local coverage in the countries where you operate, perform plan engineering, and conduct market assessments.

  • Consulting

    Offer guidance on financial management, assess scheme performance, and supply you with communication materials

  • Administrative Management

    Offer oversight and administration of the mechanisms established in different countries, including the provision of financial reporting.

  • Piloting

    Offer a hotline for your employees, regardless of their location, and handle contributions, investments, and other related issues.



Diot-Siaci, your trusted insurance broker, offers tailored advice and solutions for the management of your global risks and employee welfare.

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Support for Setting Up the IRP (International Retirement Plan)

An International Retirement Plan (IRP) typically features defined contributions and serves several key purposes:

  • Safeguarding plan holders’ acquired rights,
  • Shielding against local pension reforms,
  • Facilitating capital accumulation or annuity options, regardless of mobility frequency or duration.

IRP offers flexibility and security through customized insurance or pension fund plans. It can involve defined contributions or benefits and accommodate regular or exceptional currency considerations.

Employee Security: A Lever for Attractiveness

Sécurité salarié plan retraite à l'international

The International Retirement Plan provides employees with a sense of security, as their rights are safeguarded against local pension reforms. It ensures a guaranteed benefit payout, either in capital or annuities, tied to the duration and frequency of their international assignments. It is built upon a diverse range of investment options, including guaranteed funds, diversified funds, profiled or actively managed portfolios, and specialist strategies to cater to evolving requirements. Finally, we provide access to information in real time through secure individual accounts, visibility into accessible assets, and a dynamic extranet.

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