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Health and Personal Protection Advisory

Auditing and advice on your health and personal risk coverage

Tailor-Made Healthcare and Personal Risk Insurance

As a partner in your financial and workplace progress, our team of experts at Diot-Siaci is dedicated to assisting you in implementing optimal health and welfare systems. We specialize in creating customized solutions to enhance and streamline your coverage systems, including extended third-party payment, healthcare and prevention networks, and healthcare expense management. Our objective is to help you achieve multiple goals, such as controlling costs and risks, improving your Human Resources department, and attracting and retaining talent. We design tailored and focused frameworks to guide your decisions when it comes to evolving your health, death, and disability programs.


  • Audit & Actuarial

    Access to our actuarial and technical expertise, along with innovative insurance arrangements.

  • Consulting

    Legal, technical, and financial advice: A comprehensive and multi-expert offering

  • Mapping

    Analyze market practices compared to your company’s current positioning

  • Negotiations

    Negotiate on your behalf with insurers and trade unions

Nous accompagnons de manière proactive les entreprises dans la construction et la mise en place de leurs contrats santé et prévoyance à destination de l’ensemble de leurs collaborateurs. Les aider à comprendre leurs besoins et obligations d’assurances face aux évolutions économique, juridique et social est notre priorité. Nous avons à coeur de fournir un service sur-mesure et de qualité. Et parce que la protection de son entreprise passe avant tout par la protection de ses collaborateurs, nous disposons de centres de services à l’écoute des collaborateurs et de leurs familles afin de leur apporter un suivi dans leurs démarches au quotidien et lors de moments difficiles.

Arnaud Rouxel

Directeur Commercial Santé Prévoyance et Actuariat

Optimize Your Systems and Foster Quality Workplace Dialogue

Our consultants at Diot-Siaci work to craft tailored healthcare and personal risk support solutions for you:

  • Advice on optimizing and harmonizing coverage systems: extended third-party pay, healthcare and prevention network, control of healthcare expenditures. We also help you anticipate regulatory changes.
  • Actuarial solutions to secure your programs through a quantitative and objective approach and by implementing innovative insurance packages. Actuarial studies are carried out to analyze your income statements compared to modelled scenarios (claims, consumption based on actual costs, etc.).
  • We adapt our recommendations to align with the strategic direction of your company, crafting support solutions that ensure optimal balance between economic goals and employee well-being. To foster engagement and facilitate employee dialogue, we prioritize collaborative approaches and knowledge transfer.

We provide tools for managing and simulating insurance coverage, allowing you to quickly estimate potential changes in contributions or calculate coverage balances. These resources are readily available to help you make informed decisions.


Our team of Diot-Siaci experts optimizes your plans by considering your unique requirements and ensuring effective communication with employees. They analyze your accounts using various modeled scenarios, such as claims and actual cost consumption, and evaluate market practices based on your company’s current positioning. Ultimately, they optimize coverage guarantees based on employee behavior, providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs while maintaining quality dialogue with your employees.